The Pete & Mikey show have apparently just found their 1st biggest fan. Its just so happens to be our friend corey and he has created a Pete & Mikey Show mascot:

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curious as to what this PMS is all about? bored at work? well, download their show on The Pete & Mikey Show blog.


he was a (pop punk) skater boy

My current used to be in a pop punk band called Stuck on 1st. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He has since converted to metal and classic rock and everything else, but hey, why not have a laugh at someone elses expense? Check out their MP3s here.

pop punk princess

Ween at The Enmore Theatre


My second but hopefully not final chance to see Ween perform live was this past Saturday, March 2nd. They really know how to put on one of the best rock shows ever. First of all,  they didn’t bother with an opening band. If I were a musician that played sold out shows, I wouldn’t put fans through an opening band either. Instead, the ledgends of goofy genius just played a 3 hour set that absolutely blew my mind. It makes so much more sense to do it that way. If there had been an opening act, I would have stood in the front row for about an hour waiting for ween to grace me with Rock and they would have had less time to play. This way i was granted my money’s worth and my time went unwasted.   picture-040.jpg picture-051.jpg          

I dance for the entire 3 hours with out even stopping for a drink or a piss. They played songs mainly from my 2 favorite albums, The Mollusk and Chocolate & Cheese and the rest were from the newest album, La Cucaracha, which is almost as amazing as the other two. The jam sessions were exciting, not too long, and perfectly entertaining. Guitarist, Micky’s faces were hilarious as usual and they shredded the song “fluffy” for about 10 minutes leaving everyones mouths wide open, drooling over the talented insanity flooding the stage. I don’t think I looked away from the stage once. Okay, well maybe once when some stinky, drunk asshole moved in front of me and started screaming out requests, but security came to the rescue and removed him promptly enough. I have to say, Ween has got to be one of the best American bands still making music. Thankfully they’ve still got their wit and creativity or I might be temped to doubt the music scene along with other rock critics.


Another reason I am still optomistic for the future of music is because I have beautifully talented friends who make better music than most “muscians” who are played on any TV or any radio station. If you want proof of that, look out for tunes from Danly & Justin, Home MoviesTim & Isabella and Guilty Faces. These guys and gals are just a few of the talented bunch and they all friends on the Berfest myspace. Check them all out.                          


WeenWeen is touring america while I’m here traveling Europe. DAMN IT! At least they will be playing in Sydney Australia on March 1st, giving me even more of a reason to move there this winter after spending the holidays at home…i guess its fate. Their new album, La Cucarach was released on Oct 23rd. I am a horrible fan as i dont have it yet, but i will go buy it tomorrow and let everyone know how grand it is. Those crazy acid tripping hippies wont let me down, I’m sure of it.