Top 5 reasons why going on tour with Deafheaven sucks

1)      They are all broke so they never want to eat at restaurants, only gas stations that take food stamps. Traveling across the country and not getting to check out all the amazing restaurants in the different cities we go to is a mega bummer for someone who doesn’t even like Doritos, let alone eating them for every meal.

 2)      George talking about banging chicks. Gross.

3)      the DFHVN deathmobile. Last week we were driving in the sprinkling rain and the breaks decided they were not going to work like

Kerry at SF Public Library

they should. The van was swerving along the main roads of Austin and squeeling like they were in pain. Scary.

4)      Austin Tx to new Orleans. Portland to Seattle to Hollywood. Seriously? Who booked this tour? Someone who never too a geography class apparently.

5)      I am one of the only ones who can drive, especially in the snow.

I made this list on the flight home from FFF fest in Austin to make myself feel better for bailing on this US tour with the boys. I got a job and decided to stay in lame ass San Francisco to work and make money. I should have gone on tour. Touring is sick. DFHVN is my favorite x