Get high on some Psychedelic Wizardry

I have three favorite Bay area bands, but this post is only about one of them. GLITTER WIZARD! This band is a party for your ears and candy for your eyes. Originally spawning from the depths of Santa Cruz, Glitter Wizard moved their spandex rockin’ glam selves to The Bay about two years ago. As their name suggests and an interview with front man Wendy Stonehenge confirms, “The original concept for Glitter Wizard was to be a stoner-glam band,” and it has been a successfully executed concept for these 5 skinny rocker babes. Imagine the evil love babies of Marc Bolan and Pentagram; sparkly, key board solos twisted with heavy, 60s’ riffs. Feminine dance moves framed by long flowing hair, their live performance is not recommended to anyone who may feel dizzy or nauseous in the presence glittery boys pevlic thrusting what the good Rock Lord gave ’em. I do suggest checking these guys out if you don’t mind a slight bang-over the day after the show and that beautiful wave of relief that sweeps you up when you realize that great rock n roll is NOT dead!

check out this comical interview with the wizards from  SF Weekly and please feel free to rock on.


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