Vegan Treats in Oakland

Next time you find yourself in Oakland waiting for your best friend to finish getting her dog’s name tattooed behind her ear and thinking, “Damn, I could go for some vegan pizza,” you’re in luck. Lanesplitter will save your day. With vegan and non vegan slices, pies, beer and wine, your vegan and alcoholic tendencies along with your meat loving, 5 years sober bestie will both be fat and happy at lunch. The servings are huge, the food is inexpensive and the waitstaff is handsome. The environment is casual, a pub like atmosphere with a Tom Waits, Bob Dylan soundtrack. There are 3 locations in Berkley, Emeryville and Oakland so you have no excuse not to indulge.  Pizza Party!


Dress up, Party on

Beautiful ideas come from LA and these Jeffrey Campbell shoes are no exception.

I Just bought myself a pair of  Jeffery Campbell Woodies. I didn’t know if I had the balls to ditch my Chucks and wear these 70s inspired, wooden heels, but after seeing these babes rock them I laced them up and wore them to The Glitter Wizard show at Cafe Du Nord.







I went to the show solo, but  these shoes must’ve been screaming “good times”, because I had a new group of friends to rock out with in seconds. I bought mine at Nooworks at 395 Valencia street, but they’re getting popular and most shoe stores seem to be catching on. I’ve seen them all over Haight Street. They’re not cheap, but they’re certainly attention seeking heels and ultra comfortable. If you’re trying to catch someones eye this summer, this is the way to go. Thanks Jeffery!