What is Bonnaroo?


Ι† Started with the dimming of Roo and her neon  blue eyes. While she walked the city streets to her job that she didn’t love but didn’t hate, she became increasingly aware of the monotony in her life. Everything felt mediocre. She was impartial about almost everything surrounding her; the city, her job, even her boyfriend. Her eyes began to fill with sorrow as she reluctantly admitted to herself that she was not the same sparkling girl she once took pride in being. At the same instance as this self confession, she noticed an alleyway that she had never seen before. It seemed strange considering she had walked the same route to work for almost a year now. Without hesitation she turned down the mysterious road, not particularly caring where it ended up, but curious to find out. What happened next is hard to say.

Roo was awakened by a sound that reminded her of blue coloured grass and black leather pants. A blender of electric guitars and banjos struck her like a tidal wave of noise. She stood up slowly, and tried to remember where she was, but all she could remember was the unfamiliar alleyway. Now, as she looked around her, she saw nothing but a huge grass field with hundreds of tents pitched upon it – a small village it seemed. Bewildered, she began walking towards the sound. Perhaps she’d find a clue as to her whereabouts.

After a short while Roo found herself in the midst of what seemed to be an unusual war. The people of this village were all playing music, but they were all playing at the same time. As Roo watched in amazement, she saw that there were three different armies, each in a different colored shirt – Red, Yellow, or Blue. Every army played a different type of music. It was ear-splitting! An absolute mess! She couldn’t take it any longer and her voice suddenly escaped her.


The war silenced. No one had noticed Roo until now, but her voice took them by surprise. It was unlike anything they had ever heard. Every one in the village wanted her to join their side – sing with their music. She was the loveliest sound their ears had ever heard! The entire army of musicians started running towards her. Frightened, she turned to run, but fell into a river that had snuck up behind her.

The warmth of the water surprised Roo, and felt calming on her skin, but her attention was quickly drawn back to the armies, each one diving into the stream behind her – red, yellow, and blue swimming towards her. She began to panic. She started to swim away, but noticed that her skin had gone purple, then blue and soon enough she was every color mixed together. She was tie-dye! She turned back toward the village people and saw that the warmth of the stream had caused the colors on each of their t-shirts to run. They were all wearing tie-dyed shirts! The musicians froze, gazing at each other with a look of shock and embarrassment.

A giggle escaped Roo’s lips as she watched the reaction of these strangers in tie-dye. In a moment, everyone was laughing, the whole village was laughing. What a sight! All of their colors blended together making a beautiful mess of pinks and greens that they had never seen before. They all splashed around, in the rainbow stream, laughing and joking until their fingers were pruned and their voices lost. Roo found them ever so intriguing and harmless at this point.

The people lifted Roo out of the stream and placed her on a large wooden stage. I had been built for the conquering team to perform on once the war had ended. But no one had won, they had forgotten the war now, for it had been the first time this small village had ever looked past their differences and laughed with each other.

While Roo stood on the stage, over looking the rainbowed people, they began to play once again – each of them, their own style of music, only this time, it was dazzling! The musical celebration lasted for 4 days, everyone playing along with each other rather than against. Bongos played along with electric guitars and cellos with keyboards. They were exhausted by the end of the festivities – they had danced and jammed for so long that some of them couldn’t make it back to their tents and passed out under the stars.

When they awoke, it was one year later – the anniversary of the war’s end. So they began the celebration all over again. The people had finally found peace and Roo’s blue eyes glistened at the sight of her own little music filled nation – Bonnaroo. 




The Pete & Mikey show have apparently just found their 1st biggest fan. Its just so happens to be our friend corey and he has created a Pete & Mikey Show mascot:

pms2.jpg         pms1.jpg

curious as to what this PMS is all about? bored at work? well, download their show on The Pete & Mikey Show blog.

Takin’ it from the man…again.

My plan to avoid the working life has failed. It’s not that I’m lazy, but everything I like doing is unpaid. So now I’m in this office doing nothing and getting paid quite well for it. Perhaps this is my destiny, to sit in an office and be the smiley receptionist typing frantically at her computer even though she hasn’t been assigned any work. Maybe they think I’ve found some work to type up, but really I’m just ranting away. Hmm. No fooling? < you have to hear the way Frank Zappa says that to understand. So i guess it’s an inside joke with myself.

 Yesterday life after work was a ben stiller movie – dumb stressful crap kept happening on the way back to the burbs. Mikey and I took 2 wrong trains which means we took 4 all together. it just went down hill from there. things like losing the car keys and getting lost once in the car were all part of it. Luckily we had a nice dinner waiting for us back at home – we listened to some bob dylan records and had an early night.

Today I am moving into my friend’s studio apartment in Kings Cross. It will only be a 15 min walk to work rather than an hour on a stinky crowded train. So I can sleep longer and cuddle Minx, the fuzzy grey kitten that lives there. She always wears MC Hammer pants and always pees in the bath tub – it’s too cute. I think Jackie and Bill Conway would love Minx if they met her.

It is absolutely insane how little I do at this job. I have done about 20 min worth of work since 9am and it’s now 12:30. WHAT! They have to give me letter (pre-written) to type up, that’s really my only job as the Admin. Assistant here at Art Exhibitions Australia. So if they don’t give me anything, I don’t have anything to do. Oh and I also get to go for a 30 min walk every morning to the post office. Quite nice, really. It’s been beach weather ever since Monday when I started this job. Figures. I had a few cloudyish cool days until i start work, and magically it’s the hottest days of summer. Real funny, stupid atmosphere.

Does anyone else find it slightly unnerving that we sell and consume everything and anything? I was thinking about this when I cut through Circular Quay (where the opera house is) to the post office. There are always a group of Aboriginals with their religious face & body paint on. They play music and do traditional Aboriginal dances while the tourists watch and throw coins their way. The more I thought about it, it became a strange concept to me that those dances and songs meant something so different to them before Australia was westernized. They were what they celebrated with and believed in. They started as spiritual songs and dances and have ended as a theatrical money making act. I mean, good for them, making some cash, but in a society where we are all forced to work for a living they can either get a crap office job like mine, or hang out in the sun, entertaining tourists with things they used to believe in, or maybe still do. hm. I need to think about this more to come up with a concise decision on where i stand. right now I haven’t got much of an opinion.

Actually, as I sit here typing this thought out it all seems less strange to me. To put it in perspective, most performers are generally very passionate about their art, or at least believe in what they do quite strongly – so why not perform with religious and tradional dance and song? Any street preformer would probably say they believe what they are doing is an important form of art. Is there a fine line between art performance and exploiting religious beliefs in this specific situation? Hm. Anyways, I just found it an interesting thought. Enlighten me if you have an opinion on the matter. For now, Kirk Out. (my highschool art teacher, Kirk Paulson, signs all his emails like that. He’s the best dude ever).

Ween at The Enmore Theatre


My second but hopefully not final chance to see Ween perform live was this past Saturday, March 2nd. They really know how to put on one of the best rock shows ever. First of all,  they didn’t bother with an opening band. If I were a musician that played sold out shows, I wouldn’t put fans through an opening band either. Instead, the ledgends of goofy genius just played a 3 hour set that absolutely blew my mind. It makes so much more sense to do it that way. If there had been an opening act, I would have stood in the front row for about an hour waiting for ween to grace me with Rock and they would have had less time to play. This way i was granted my money’s worth and my time went unwasted.   picture-040.jpg picture-051.jpg          

I dance for the entire 3 hours with out even stopping for a drink or a piss. They played songs mainly from my 2 favorite albums, The Mollusk and Chocolate & Cheese and the rest were from the newest album, La Cucaracha, which is almost as amazing as the other two. The jam sessions were exciting, not too long, and perfectly entertaining. Guitarist, Micky’s faces were hilarious as usual and they shredded the song “fluffy” for about 10 minutes leaving everyones mouths wide open, drooling over the talented insanity flooding the stage. I don’t think I looked away from the stage once. Okay, well maybe once when some stinky, drunk asshole moved in front of me and started screaming out requests, but security came to the rescue and removed him promptly enough. I have to say, Ween has got to be one of the best American bands still making music. Thankfully they’ve still got their wit and creativity or I might be temped to doubt the music scene along with other rock critics.


Another reason I am still optomistic for the future of music is because I have beautifully talented friends who make better music than most “muscians” who are played on any TV or any radio station. If you want proof of that, look out for tunes from Danly & Justin, Home MoviesTim & Isabella and Guilty Faces. These guys and gals are just a few of the talented bunch and they all friends on the Berfest myspace. Check them all out.