California Girl?

Oh yes, right, San Francisco. My layover was from 3pm to 1030pm on the 17th. The lovely Bill Conway was kind enough to meet me (at 3 on the dot, obviously) at the airport. We checked my bags into a travel agency that charged 41 bucks to watch it for the evening, and headed of to the hills.

Bill showed me the trendy thrift store infested area, “Mission” and even took me to a vegan cafe for lunch. I wish i could remember what it was called, but it doesn’t matter so much since there were vegan places on every corner. We mainly wandered around for hours, telling stories of the past chunk of months and catching up on life’s bullshit. It was a really kick as time and I’m in love with that city. I can’t explain it really, but something about it seemed natural and honest. For instance, at one point I peaked into the windows of a natural healing shop, just out of curiosity, and the dread headed guys leaving the shop told us to go in and check it out. They were about to start a jam session and anyone was welcome.  They were showing art and eating snacks and just being creative. I loved that they were open to sharing that with anyone and if I hadn’t needed to catch a flight (or been with bill, who I don’t think would have enjoyed it as much as I would) I would have walked right in and made myself at home. I made it back to the airport in time to grab a bite to eat and still make my flight. I watched some shit movies and tried to sleep for most of the trip. When I woke up, I was 2 hours from Sydney and has completely skipped Feb 18th. Fuck you Presidents Day.

See, my problem, if you can call it that, is that I love everything and everywhere. And even usually everyone. It really messes with my head because I can never decide on just one thing to do, or one place to live. I want to see everything, and try everything, and because of that I’m having a hard time finding something I can excel at. Also, I can’t really call anywhere home. I feel like I belong in Boston, NY, CT, Chefchouen, Berlin, Sydney, and now San Fran? As much as I love being a nomad, I’m getting a little frustrated with myself. I’d like some stability, a place to stay grounded, but as soon as I have that, I’m ready to move again. I guess everywhere is home now.


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